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When her black stud brought over his friends…my wife just couldn’t say no…her pussy was just too hot from thinking about fucking his big black cock all day…they all took her…over and over…fucking her hard…making her cum again and again…she reached a state where is seemed like she was cumming continuously…after she rested a couple of days and got over her slut guilt…she asked if I would mind if she did it again…

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I love the strap-on above the chair.  He’ll be able to see it as he walks to the it and sits down.  It’s hung high, as all rewards should be.  What he does to please her while he sits there will determine if he receives the reward.  

I love doing things like this with my sub.  No whips, no restrains, no leather, no blatant signs of domination, though my control is absolute.  Just a simple reminder that my pleasure is paramount.   When I soften my look and say few words, he is conditioned to know what he has to do.  If I’m not pleased, the harness stays on the wall.

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